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Bios of Muha's band members


iryna thumnail

Iryna Muha is a singer and a songwriter; multi-instrumentalist and the founder of Muha. Iryna grew up in Vinnitsa- a town in Soviet Ukraine, she spent her teens in Darkhan, Mongolia where her parents moved for work. Iryna’s early music influences were her father’s accordion playing and her mother's singing at home. The traditional ‘table songs’ that are sang around the table at social gatherings have given the roots to Iryna’s current work.

With the interest in Eastern European folklore, as well as wider world music traditions Iryna explores instruments from hurdy-gurdy to berimbao, from jew’s harp to harmonica. Iryna is a keen collaborator and a believer that the music is the best language to unite people. With her band Iryna collaborated with such artists as Mayur Narvekar ( India), Aref Durvesh ( India), Keith Waithe ( Guyana), Constant Bushinsky ( Ukraine) and others.

dmitry thumnail

Dmitry Fedotov is a renowned Latvian guitarist, composer, arranger perhaps has done everything possible in his 27 years of music career which started in Soviet-occupied Latvia in the early 80th.
The life of free spirit leader of popular Latvian heavy metal band Pilgrim was rather complicated in communist country, where music, along with everything else, was under strict censorship.
Since he moved to the UK in 1990, Dmitry has worked in music production and performance alongside teaching music, giving a good start to many musicians over the years. Dmitry has mastered the guitar to a level where his fingers fly effortless up and down the neck in split seconds. None of his live acts are identical as he improvises depending on the atmosphere, the audience and the gadgets he might find by his side (like a pint glass for slide technique).
Dmitry Fedotov is also the person behind all Muha’s studio recordings and mixing.


Louise Clements- bass player/ percussionist in Muha since 2008, she also incorporates vocal rhythms from Kathak - a North Indian Classical Dance, including Teentaal (16 beat cycle) and Jhaptaal (10 beat cycle).
With British- Armenian roots Louise is from a family of musicians, raised in the New Forest her professional career spans work as a curator/artist/dancer/writer/musician.
Currently working as Senior Curator in QUAD center for Art and Film, Director Curator for FORMAT International Photography Festival Derby and Kathak Dancer with Manushi Dance Company, alongside; writing, running workshops and other contemporary art collaborations for performance or exhibition. She lives by the saying: ‘Work like you don’t need the money. Love like you’ve never been hurt. Dance like nobody is watching.’

Nikki McKenzie

Nikki Mckenzie - Nottingham born, started to play drumkit by taking lessons in jazz and Latin music from Victor Scott (junk4funk workshops) . Nikki has been playing drumkit for about six years, but started to play percussion in band with friends as they already had a drummer! Main influences are funk and latin disco with lively busy bongos and cowbells/blocks included. Nikki's interests have always been been in the rhythms and influenced by many jazz, Latin and Afrobeat players. Joined Muha in 2011.

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