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Posted on 28 Oct 2009 In: arts, music, the band

Music video part 2. The seductive scene.

… Continued from Part 1 The second part of our music video shooting was aimed to capture the story line. MuHa now had a dedicated director- Darius Powell on board, he prepared a scene list based on the story and had his own vision of how the video will develop- this will include further shooting [...]

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Posted on 23 Oct 2009 In: arts, design

GraFFic Art

This image was not created in 3D program- it was created in Photoshop using paths and masking layers. It took me about 10 hours to make it using a photograph as a base image.

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Posted on 18 Oct 2009 In: arts, design

How a Lion and a Turtle Sang a Song

The cut -out illustration I’ve done for the favourite cartoon of my childhood- How a Lion and a Turtle Sang a Song.

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Posted on 12 Oct 2009 In: arts, poetry, society

Jean Binta Breeze

At one of the events during Black History month I met Jean Binta Breeze- a Caribbean woman, a poet and writer. This woman struck me with her strong feeling of her roots. ’We need to understand where we come from in order to point out where we are in life and define our future.’ She [...]

Posted on 8 Oct 2009 In: arts, music, poetry

National Poetry day

I’ve heard on the radio this morning that is it a National Poetry Day today. And I thought about Jerry Hope- a famous Derby’s poet, creative writer, musician , a founder of The Dust Collectors and an inspiration for so many people who new him and his work. He left this world in the spring [...]

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Posted on 7 Oct 2009 In: arts, film

An Absent Face

An Absent Face is a portrait of the mask-maker Stephen Jon. 20 minutes film by Gaylan Nazhad. 2009