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Kaby Vedala- Brian Barclay

We were humbled  to learn that our music  has inspired this fabulous painting by a  Scottish artist Brian Barclay .

The  female figure in this painting  is based on Brian’s  Ukrainian wife Svitlana and the painting itself was ‘…inspired by the musical feel of [MuHa song]  Kaby Vedala’.

This is  the best compliment we could have received for our music and we would like to thank Brian for  sharing his beautiful vision of Kaby Vedala  with us.

Brian Barclay's vision of Kaby Vedala

Brian Barclay's vision of Kaby Vedala

Taras movie

As a xmas treat we have heard the news from Zeng Tu- the director of Chinese animation studio that had been working  on movie for our album titled song TARAS for the last 8 months.

I was humbled and overjoyed with the storyboard we just received, it looks epic. It’s distinctive Asian style adds yet another dimension to the meaning of our music.

Thanks to Louise Clements- the bass player in MuHa, a great  woman  who have friends from all over the world- we have this amazing opportunity to create a Chinese animation on Ukrainian famous epic theme Taras Bulba,  which is expected to be released early in 2012. Best xmas ever!

from Zeng Tu Studios , China


MuHa 2011 – changes in band members

In 2011 MuHa had a few changes with the band members.

Olya Shafikova
– a classically trained pianist from Moscow, now living in Nottingham, joined MuHa in the spring. Olya notated all MuHa material ( now our music is recorded on paper as well!) and only after a few rehearsals she began gigging with us, including Nottingham Riverside festival and September 11 concert. Our fans already had been telling us how well piano fits with the music and we are looking forward for more music and fun times with Olya.

This year was challenging for MuHa percussion section. Richard Grindon decided to take his drumming career on a higher level and enrolled to the Guilford Academy of Music leaving Nottingham in September 2011. We wish him all the best luck and future great achievements in music as he has all the talent to make it to the biggest stages in the country and indeed, the world.

You may have noticed that our percussionist Richard Kensington is no longer playing with us on a regular basis as the time pressures from his involvement with Mas Y Mas and the other musical projects he is working on make it difficult for him to commit to a growing gig schedule with MuHa. It has been mutually agreed that it is better to have consistency in the band for the sake of band cohesion and audience expectation so Colm O’Hanlon has stepped in and will now be playing percussion with MuHa as the regular percussionist.

Colm already played many gigs with MuHa and, I must say, it is very enjoyable to work with him. In his music Colm is always giving very careful attention to what he is doing and keeps the time really well. As an additional bonus to the group- Colm is a problem solver- before I even think there is a problem- Colm has already sorted it- a very helpful skill for everything that goes on behind the stage before the performance!

We continue to collaborate with various musicians and keep our mind open to new possible opportunities and developments. Looking forward to see what 2012 brings to us, wishing you all the wellness and happy holidays!

MuHa 2011- Kaby Vedala music video and September 11 Concert

As we continue to overview MuHa 2011, I shall mention Kaby Vedala music video and September 11 concert. All the developments of the video production were covered earlier in this blog here, here and here.  The end result from BrettMetal Films –  ‘a beautiful tribute to a terrible event ‘ (Skinder Hundal) – is perhaps the best way I could have shown my response; promote beauty of life, peace, and stay away from any aggression .

It was a painful project for me personally on physical and emotional levels from the first freezing shooting day and ending with September 11 concert.  I have chosen to speak up about my 9/11 American experience to the MuHa audience, media and friends.  Though 10 years later in England this topic did generate some interest and we managed to get a bit of media coverage of our project, I felt it was not something English people were too passionate to commemorate. Understandingly, 10 years after-  9/11 events  are  not more than a history that affected the world of today in various, mostly non positive ways. Besides, America with its foreign policies is not a very popular country here in the UK among free thinking educated people.

Nevertheless, ‘ 9/11 UK community ‘  commemorated the anniversary with a usual passion. Through this project I was lucky to meet    Rob Halligan – musician, broadcaster fro Coventry who, like myself,  lost his father in 9/11. He and his family welcomed me in his house and we talked about 9/11 and music in his radio show.

September 11 Concert at Nottingham contemporary Caffe Bar happened to be more of MuHa’s family and friends community support event rather than a big scale commemoration event I initially hoped for. Looking back at it however , I am happy it happened this way. It was great to see close friends and friends of a friends supporting the event. I am very happy to say special thanks to Manushi Dance Company lead by a beautiful woman Vina Ladwa; Ling Peng with her amazing Erhu playing; Abel Chaude on clarinet;  Richard Kensington on percussion; Emma Mario organizing fundraising;  Ste Alan for booking us such a beautiful venue; Steve Barnet for a great sound; photographer Robert Balmer and all the people who came and helped us to raise money for the War Child charity.

It was an amazing experience to work with all the people who were involved in one way or another, but to be completely honest, I am happy the project is over and we can concentrate on our future collaborations,  including animation project with Chinese studio…. oops… not to spoil the surprise- will leave it to 2012!

September 11 Concert

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9/11 in Nottingham MuHa will be hosting a charity September 11 Concert with invited artists.

Confirmed Artists so far:

Ling Peng– Erhu player from China
Olya Shafikova- pianist from Moscow
Manushi Dance Company – Classical Indian Kathak dance
Abel Chaudé ( France)
Richard Kensington- Cuban percussionist from Nottingham


Our Charity is the War Child – they help children affected by war and terrorism. Emma Mario is an organiser of the fundraising. Please donate online to the War Child

Thank you to our supporters

The Journey from The Ground Zero campaign is now officially closed. We have 11 contributors, thank you very much for your support! They are:

Olena Pavlova
Viet-Hai Phung
Yuriy Ushakov
Lourdes Benegas Cabezos
Frederique Poujades
Wendy Johnston
Helena Suarez
Rocchino Franchelli
Peter Zabulis
Paulina Bark

The Thank you cards are coming out to the supporters next week and the DVDs will be following a bit later as we decided to add extra feature – the interview and the making of the video.

Indeed, we managed to raise only about 5% of required budget and will have to cut down on some things, but we are very happy with the support we had , even if it did not materialise in monetary value.

Once again, thank you for every single person supported us, including The Nottingham Evening Post and Grantham Journal for covering the story.

The 9/11 tribute video campaign is ending!

We have only 5 days left till the end of The Journey from the Ground Zero campaign to create a music video tribute to 9/11 victims. If you wanted to contribute but put it off for later, the time to act is now. Please follow this link and click that contribute now button.

The video is finished, BrettMetal films are presenting us their work on Tuesday and I’ve heard it is breathtaking! Below is the cover I designed for a DVD. Still have to do extra features for a DVD- an interview and production of DVD itself. You can still have your name in the credits and receive other perks, visit the project page by clicking the box below.

9/11 tribute project

CCLL Chernobyl anniversary event in Nottingham

Earlier this April we were invited to support Chernobyl Children’s Life Line Charity event as they marked the 25th anniversary of Chernobyl disaster with the commemoration event in Nottingham.

The charity’s Sherwood link organised an exhibition of a London artist Zachary Peirce who went to Chernobyl and drawn his inspiration from this abandoned town with it’s gloomy, almost unreal scenery. MuHa was of course was very happy to support the event with our gig at the Malt Cross.

On a photo Ian Harra with Zachary Peirce

See Zachary Peirce’s pictures of the event.

Kaby Vedala project

The Journey from The Ground Zero

The Journey from The Ground Zero- is the band’s new new music video project

Almost 10 years ago Iryna Muha lost her father Iouri Mouchiski in the North Tower of the World Trade Centre in 9/11 terrorist attacks.

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9/11 MuHa is creating music video for one of songs from their album – for the Russian folk song ‘Kaby Vedala’ – If I Only Knew.

To become a part of this project go to The Journey from The Ground Zero.