MuHa is always looking for collaborations in search of a unique sound and a good creative time together.

I thought I’d introduce our band members as of today, but I also hope that we will grow with more authentic sounds of traditional instruments from different parts of the world.

So, if you think we can do something together, don’t be shy- get in touch, email us to:

Ok, here we go:

Iryna Muha– singer, song writer, guitar, harmonica, jews-harp, responsible for keeping the band busy.

Louise Clements– rhythms, mood percussion, back singer, adventurous spirit, idea generator with the following idea realisation.

-Dmitry Fedotov– solo guitar, recordings, mastering, the Ear and conscious mind of the band, a time keeper, if simply – the Master.

Richard Kensington– percussion of all kinds, always responsible, optimistic and supportive even after very bad gigs in Mansfield.

Richard Grindon– a crazy percussionist in a good sense with a vast variety of drumming experience, a fire juggler and a charity supporter.

Claire Stewart – violin player, young and cheerful spirit coming to gigs on a bike in her big helmet after a working day in a prison hospital.

Iryna Muha