As a part of MuHa new album which is due to be released in the spring 2010, we took up a challenge to make a video for our song Richenka (from Ukranian: River) with no funding, but with lots of enthusiasm and combined creative energy of the people involved. The choice of the song was obvious – it is a quintessential mix of what we are trying to do as an Eastern European band in the UK.

Richenka was written in a traditional Ukrainian folk music style and has a theme typical to folklore of many cultures. It is performed with African instrument Beriumbau, which is used in Brasilian Capoeira martial arts. The rhythm of Richenka is also enhanced by Indian rhythm Kathak.

More posts about the process and the progress of our video (ad)venture; about the people who got involved, will follow later (watch this space!), for now is the story:

    A girl looses a guy she dearly loves because the River of Life offers
    him pleasures he can not resist. The guy gets enchanted by the lively
    and beautiful, but evil spirits that play deadly game with his mind and the guy
    forgets about his real life and Love. The girl doesn’t see any other
    way then to drown herself in a river and become one of the rusalkas.

into the water

read the translation of the lyrics of Richenka here.

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