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Where there’s a will, there’s a way. We had a song, we had a story behind it and we wanted to make a video for it. We knew approximately what we want to see in the video, but we had no idea of how to make it happen. Neither of us in MuHa didn’t have much experience in making videos, so we needed a director.

PD Rich&Dima

After a few brief couple of meetings between ourselves we arranged a day for MuHa to travel to the Peak District to make a shooting of the band playing the instruments first and we left the storyline part of the project for the next week. At that point we still did not have either a director or a camera man and hoped to rely on own resources- after all, we are talented people!


Luckily for us, just a day before the shooting Sunday, Louise has managed to get her friend – a film director Gaylan Nazhad – to help us out just for this part – and I am very happy she did. As a professional director, Gaylan just made it happen. He was giving us clear instructions where to be, where to look and what to do.


When you watch a film, the actor may seem all glamorous and important, but in fact, during the shooting process, an actor is just a ‘servant’ to the director- an actor does what he has been told to do; and it is a director who is the master.

PD Lou

Good fun it was. The sun was shining, we were playing the music and singing and dancing on top of the mountain with a fabulous view on the valley of Peak District; passers-by and Rambler’s walkers were taking pictures of us and we were reflecting the freshness and brightness of the day. The video project is on the roll!

PD Iryna Berimbau

The further blogs about the storyline shooting with a dedicated director and a group of Indian Dancers will follow. The actual scene of Rusalkas ‘seduce-and-kill-the-guy’ and the post video production blogs will appear here, on the MuHa web blog later! Watch this space.

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