… Continued from Part 1

The second part of our music video shooting was aimed to capture the story line. MuHa now had a dedicated director- Darius Powell on board, he prepared a scene list based on the story and had his own vision of how the video will develop- this will include further shooting at the river and in the gallery with a projection on a screen.

darius and dima

… But this will follow later- for now we needed a guy and rusalkas roles to be filled.

For the guy part we decided not to go into a great deal looking for an actor as we thought our percussionist Richard Kensington can fit perfectly well. He was not very keen on it at the beginning, but later on, he seemed to enjoy his part- after all his role was to play a guy mesmerised by seductively dancing around him rusalkas (why he didn’t want the part on a first place??)

darius and manushi

For rusalkas part we asked beautiful girls from Manushi dance company to be featured in our video. Manushi (means humanity) is a company of Indian Classical dance form of Kathak which is lead by Vina Ladwa. Our Louise Clements has been dancing with this group for a long time- this is where hypnotising Takita-Digita rythm in Richenka comes from! The girls were wearing traditional Indian dresses to make cultural mix in the song visual as well.


Everybody had happy roles but me- I had to be that sad girl who is about to kill herself, which spoilt my mood for the whole week– perhaps I tried to get into my role too hard – how do actors separate reality from their roles?!

This shooting highlighted our lack of experience and how much all the details matter. We completely messed up with the make up of a crying girl- it just didn’t look right (in fact, it was horrific)! One of the dancers had a wedding ring on, but rusalkas just can not have a wedding ring! Things like that only come to the attention when you watch the footage on a big screen, but it’s too late to do anything about it, we will have to improvise later with what we have.

Next time I will be telling about the drowning scene- how I had to swim in the river Trent in October. Brrr. Why am I getting the worst parts??

While the video is still in progress, watch the Flash animation I’ve done for the song as part of my design degree.

…to be continued