We are looking for an imaginative emerging filmmaker to create a music video for MuHa www.muha.co.uk

You will be supported to lead the project from directing, editing through to final production.

Budget £350, logistical support will be provided.

The video is for a Russian folk song titled Kaby Vedala ( If I olny knew)

Find the lyrics and music below. If you can not see the player below, listen to the track here

email your short proposal outlining a possible concept (max 1 side A4), CV, links to previous videos, website to iryna.muha@gmail.com or contact us through our website

Application deadline is October 31st 2010

04 Kaby Vedala by Muha

Kaby Vedala (rus)
( If I only knew from Rus)

If I only knew when my time
Would come to go
And come to you
Oh Lord, my dear dear Lord
I would buy a plot in
the graveyard
Oh Lord, my dear dear Lord
And I would lie myself at rest
and my soul would fly away
to you my Lord, my dear dear God
I know I have been a lot of trouble
for you Lord, Oh my dear dear Lord

Oh, silk of grass
Oh silver dew
Shining bright
Rise and Shine

Oh Lord, take me from
The heaven down to the ground
Oh Lord, my dear Lord
From heaven to dear earth,
Lying on golden sands
It’s Heaven on Earth
Oh Lord, my dear Lord
If I only knew..

(Russian folk song) Adaptation by Kapka Nilan