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Chernobyl Children Charity

MuHa is happy to become a supporter for Chernobyl Children charity that brings children still affected by Chernobyl disaster from Ukraine and Belarus to the UK for basic health and care.

The first event that we are supporting will be at the Malt Cross, Nottingham on April 28th. The event aims to commemorate 25th Anniversary of Chernobyl . The events will showcase the paintings of contemporary visual artist Zachary Peirce, MuHa free concert on April 28th, including a symbolic 25 Candle Event. If you want to support the charity, you can run 25 candle event yourself!

Please do come over to support such a good cause and do buy one or two of Muha CDa as we will be forwarding £5 form every CD sold to Chernobyl Children Charity.

Filmakers for our new video

Many thanks to everybody who took their time and effort to submit a proposal for our next video. Unfortunately we had to choose only one proposal and we are happy to announce we will be working with Brett Turner and Jason Elberts on Kaby Vedala music video.

Jason and Brett already have good experience creating music videos for various bands, but still buzzing with ideas and have hunger for success in this highly competivive area. As a team they combine the skills of strong creative vision, excellent digital proficiency and attention to details.
Watch this space for further updates!
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