MuHa has entered to Live and Unsigned – it’s the biggest band competition in the UK- ‘ x-factor for the bands’ so to say.

The band had travelled to Birmingham from three different locations in the East Midlands on a typical cold, grey and foggy English February. The huge NEC did not look particularly welcoming either with it’s bright and wide space reminding me of airports….
Lots of people of all ages were queuing to register with their instruments and then wait in a small crowded room for the audition.

After waiting for a bit we were invited to another small room with the judges and a very efficient sound set up. In one minute they plugged us in and the air was pierced by the howly Ukrainian ‘OOOOOOOOYYYYYY ‘… we got their attention I must say. When we kicked in the Carpathian solo riff – all the stuff, including judges, started to move their heads or legs or both. We nailed our performance with the tight and dramatic ending, shortening our song to the 2 minutes, required by the rules of the competition. I managed to have a short conversation with the panel and they were very happy to accept MuHa CDs and cards.

We are through to the regional finals on April 10th at the Birmingham Arena! See you there!

Love, your MuHa