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After about two months of planning, location research, creating a list of shots and video drafts, Brett Turner and Jason Elbert from Brett Metal Films took MuHa and the crew to the first day of video shooting to the Peak District Derwent Reservoir area.

———————–Though we had more clouds then we would ideally want for the best light, at least the morning was dry- that’s the best thing one can hope for in English weather. It was all more or less okay till we began to climb the mountain passing a dead sheep when the it started to rain…

————Standing on top of the mountain and looking over the the horizon far ahead we could see the sky was changing very rapidly from grey clouds to dark blue ones, then feeling the cold wind, the rain and even hail pouring upon us… As for the sun- it was teasing us all the time, appearing for a few seconds just to raise our hopes, to only then hide again behind the clouds.

It was very cold and wet. In spite of this we loved the experience ( thinking back about it, being at warm homes). We all stayed strong throughout the day. Some even fell in mud and all of us were soaking wet, especially Clare Maskell – our Lomography photographer – she just refused the umbrella and was happy to take it all!

After several hours in such conditions my professional make up was not good for any close up shots any longer. Not having any shelter apart from umbrella , Iona Tamburino- the make up artist- had no choice but to apply new make up right there, up in the mountains – that was the moment when we were hit by the hail…

—————–To my own surprise I found it very liberating to take my coat off just before the shout ‘Action!’ and be in a light dress in such an unwelcoming environment. It felt like as if I was refusing to be intimidated by the weather and wrap up in layers of clothing. I was there, in my red dress, looking over the horizon, embracing the environment to the full.

—————Thanks to Mel Weedon and Lourdes Benegas for the photos.