So many things are happening with the band and surely we will be updating you promptly with all of our activities and I hope you will be reading about them and be our active supporter! Just to quickly summarise:

a) Live and Unsigned Competition– we are through to the Regional finals, April 10th 2010 at NEC. If you want to attend the competition read here .

b) The work has started for the new music video that we are making to commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9/11. We are still looking for another few days of shooting. After that- postproduction+ promotion. The fundraising campaign for it will be launching hopefully this or early next week.

c) We are meeting with the famous in the UK World music circles Bob Ramdhanie to discuss new opportunities for us as well as possible development of the East Midlands World music Consortium .

d) MuHa appears live for the interview and live session at the Demon FM 107.5 Leicester radio show Spare Tracks on Sunday, March 20th 12-3pm.

e) This year we are going to visit Ukraine with a friendly gig in iryna’s local town of Vinnitsa. Iryna with Richard Kensington will also be delivering the seminar for the Music Generation UA project in Kiev about music business here in the UK.

f) We have an exciting addition to the band- Rocco Franchelli – a passionate Italian accordionist. He is also tech savvy, so we may get some of MuHa gigs broadcasted live on the internet 

g) We are very happy to work with Brazilian music instruments shop Santos Music that sells fair trade quality harmonicas and drum sticks. They are generously provided harmonicas for the children from our charity Friends of Chernobyl children, as well as some fantastric drumstiks for our drummer!

h) The recording of the second album is continuing in a meantime. We hope to get more Nottingham musicians work with us on the album to add more variety to our sound.

So, there are plenty of opportunities for you to support us if you wish to do so by spreading the word or working with us in anyway. We will always reply to your messages and emails, so contact us if you have some good ideas!

If you still not following us on facebook, make sure you do!