Last night I have attended my first Chernobyl Children’s Life Line leaving party. The Newark/ Sherwood link of the charity had been hosting nine children for four weeks from Belarus. These kids come from deprived homes, affected by poverty and in some cases by parental negligence. It was very nice to see what the charity does to support these children. It is not only about the basic medical care or new cloth or visiting another country … It is also about giving them a glimpse of another world beyond their usual often gloomy environment; about giving them self-confidence, motivation and general positive outlook on life. I don’t think it is only clean water and organic food that makes them healthier, it is the emotional health that is being boosted, which is a fundamental to physical health. I have also met some hosting families- they are very nice people and had been hosting a number of children for many years!

The highlight of the evening was when Ian with his beautiful wife Suely from Santos music online shop have given the kids their fantastic harmonicas from Brazil. Kids did not realise at first what was in those nice ergonomic red cases , but they quickly figured it out and were quick to start playing them.

I was lucky enough to add the missing keys of E and F to my harmonica collection and I must say Bends harmonicas from Santos music are the nicest harmonicas I now have. What I particularly like about them is a very clear sound and the fact that they have come from an ethical company. The products Santos music supplies are environmentally and humanitarian friendly, as well as of a high quality. Thank you Santos Music ! I hope more people will discover your fair-trade quality harmonicas and will enjoy playing them just like I do 

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