Commemoration – remembering and marking your past – makes an important contribution to our sense of community. Memorials to terrible events provide a space for us to reflect on the worst of what we are capable of doing to one another. Commemoration events  encourage conversation and might help us avoid conflicts in the future.

However this was not my motivation when I proposed to the band to create a commemoration music video for the 10th anniversary of September 11 terrorist attack and hold a charity concert  in Nottingham –  a city that  has become my new home since I ‘run away’ from New York. I just wanted  to remember my father whom I lost in those terrible events by an attempt to seek out for something beautiful out of my place of pain. 

The track for the music video is called  KABY VEDALA – If Only I Knew, we had a great fun recording it in a freezing windy hills of the National Park Peak District in Derbyshire. Filmmakers Jason Elberts and Brettt Turner did a great work capturing the the feeling of natural cycles, the stillness of acceptance and grief, and the magnificence of the life.