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Chernobyl Children’s Life Line leaving party & Santos music.

Last night I have attended my first Chernobyl Children’s Life Line leaving party. The Newark/ Sherwood link of the charity had been hosting nine children for four weeks from Belarus. These kids come from deprived homes, affected by poverty and in some cases by parental negligence. It was very nice to see what the charity does to support these children. It is not only about the basic medical care or new cloth or visiting another country … It is also about giving them a glimpse of another world beyond their usual often gloomy environment; about giving them self-confidence, motivation and general positive outlook on life. I don’t think it is only clean water and organic food that makes them healthier, it is the emotional health that is being boosted, which is a fundamental to physical health. I have also met some hosting families- they are very nice people and had been hosting a number of children for many years!

The highlight of the evening was when Ian with his beautiful wife Suely from Santos music online shop have given the kids their fantastic harmonicas from Brazil. Kids did not realise at first what was in those nice ergonomic red cases , but they quickly figured it out and were quick to start playing them.

I was lucky enough to add the missing keys of E and F to my harmonica collection and I must say Bends harmonicas from Santos music are the nicest harmonicas I now have. What I particularly like about them is a very clear sound and the fact that they have come from an ethical company. The products Santos music supplies are environmentally and humanitarian friendly, as well as of a high quality. Thank you Santos Music ! I hope more people will discover your fair-trade quality harmonicas and will enjoy playing them just like I do 

Visit their shop by clicking the logo below.

General update

So many things are happening with the band and surely we will be updating you promptly with all of our activities and I hope you will be reading about them and be our active supporter! Just to quickly summarise:

a) Live and Unsigned Competition– we are through to the Regional finals, April 10th 2010 at NEC. If you want to attend the competition read here .

b) The work has started for the new music video that we are making to commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9/11. We are still looking for another few days of shooting. After that- postproduction+ promotion. The fundraising campaign for it will be launching hopefully this or early next week.

c) We are meeting with the famous in the UK World music circles Bob Ramdhanie to discuss new opportunities for us as well as possible development of the East Midlands World music Consortium .

d) MuHa appears live for the interview and live session at the Demon FM 107.5 Leicester radio show Spare Tracks on Sunday, March 20th 12-3pm.

e) This year we are going to visit Ukraine with a friendly gig in iryna’s local town of Vinnitsa. Iryna with Richard Kensington will also be delivering the seminar for the Music Generation UA project in Kiev about music business here in the UK.

f) We have an exciting addition to the band- Rocco Franchelli – a passionate Italian accordionist. He is also tech savvy, so we may get some of MuHa gigs broadcasted live on the internet 

g) We are very happy to work with Brazilian music instruments shop Santos Music that sells fair trade quality harmonicas and drum sticks. They are generously provided harmonicas for the children from our charity Friends of Chernobyl children, as well as some fantastric drumstiks for our drummer!

h) The recording of the second album is continuing in a meantime. We hope to get more Nottingham musicians work with us on the album to add more variety to our sound.

So, there are plenty of opportunities for you to support us if you wish to do so by spreading the word or working with us in anyway. We will always reply to your messages and emails, so contact us if you have some good ideas!

If you still not following us on facebook, make sure you do!

MuHa act for Live and Unsigned, stage one.

Interview with the Nottingham Post

Kaby Vedala video day 1. The Cruel Weather.

Music video diary. visit the project page here

After about two months of planning, location research, creating a list of shots and video drafts, Brett Turner and Jason Elbert from Brett Metal Films took MuHa and the crew to the first day of video shooting to the Peak District Derwent Reservoir area.

———————–Though we had more clouds then we would ideally want for the best light, at least the morning was dry- that’s the best thing one can hope for in English weather. It was all more or less okay till we began to climb the mountain passing a dead sheep when the it started to rain…

————Standing on top of the mountain and looking over the the horizon far ahead we could see the sky was changing very rapidly from grey clouds to dark blue ones, then feeling the cold wind, the rain and even hail pouring upon us… As for the sun- it was teasing us all the time, appearing for a few seconds just to raise our hopes, to only then hide again behind the clouds.

It was very cold and wet. In spite of this we loved the experience ( thinking back about it, being at warm homes). We all stayed strong throughout the day. Some even fell in mud and all of us were soaking wet, especially Clare Maskell – our Lomography photographer – she just refused the umbrella and was happy to take it all!

After several hours in such conditions my professional make up was not good for any close up shots any longer. Not having any shelter apart from umbrella , Iona Tamburino- the make up artist- had no choice but to apply new make up right there, up in the mountains – that was the moment when we were hit by the hail…

—————–To my own surprise I found it very liberating to take my coat off just before the shout ‘Action!’ and be in a light dress in such an unwelcoming environment. It felt like as if I was refusing to be intimidated by the weather and wrap up in layers of clothing. I was there, in my red dress, looking over the horizon, embracing the environment to the full.

—————Thanks to Mel Weedon and Lourdes Benegas for the photos.

Support MuHa at Live and Unsigned !

Dear MuHa friends and family!
we made it through the first auditions of Live and Unsigned!
Come and join the shout out for us at the Regional Finals show at Birmingham NEC Arena APRIL 10th 2011. 12pm.

We need your support! Come and see MuHa and the other tomorrow’s best music on APRIL 10th 12 pm. at the NEC, Birmingham.

We are competing in the second round of Live and Unsigned and we need your support ;-)) cheering, banner waving, clapping shouting ‘Muhaaaa’ etc will help us x

Plus you will have an opportunity to see the rest of the best of the East Midlands upcoming new acts for your night, festival or a project.

Buy your ticket from MuHa direct for £7.50 only and specially for MuHa fans we are offering free MuHa album to anyone who buys two tickets or more.

Number of tickets

Live and Unsigned

MuHa has entered to Live and Unsigned – it’s the biggest band competition in the UK- ‘ x-factor for the bands’ so to say.

The band had travelled to Birmingham from three different locations in the East Midlands on a typical cold, grey and foggy English February. The huge NEC did not look particularly welcoming either with it’s bright and wide space reminding me of airports….
Lots of people of all ages were queuing to register with their instruments and then wait in a small crowded room for the audition.

After waiting for a bit we were invited to another small room with the judges and a very efficient sound set up. In one minute they plugged us in and the air was pierced by the howly Ukrainian ‘OOOOOOOOYYYYYY ‘… we got their attention I must say. When we kicked in the Carpathian solo riff – all the stuff, including judges, started to move their heads or legs or both. We nailed our performance with the tight and dramatic ending, shortening our song to the 2 minutes, required by the rules of the competition. I managed to have a short conversation with the panel and they were very happy to accept MuHa CDs and cards.

We are through to the regional finals on April 10th at the Birmingham Arena! See you there!

Love, your MuHa

Chernobyl Children Charity

MuHa is happy to become a supporter for Chernobyl Children charity that brings children still affected by Chernobyl disaster from Ukraine and Belarus to the UK for basic health and care.

The first event that we are supporting will be at the Malt Cross, Nottingham on April 28th. The event aims to commemorate 25th Anniversary of Chernobyl . The events will showcase the paintings of contemporary visual artist Zachary Peirce, MuHa free concert on April 28th, including a symbolic 25 Candle Event. If you want to support the charity, you can run 25 candle event yourself!

Please do come over to support such a good cause and do buy one or two of Muha CDa as we will be forwarding £5 form every CD sold to Chernobyl Children Charity.

Filmakers for our new video

Many thanks to everybody who took their time and effort to submit a proposal for our next video. Unfortunately we had to choose only one proposal and we are happy to announce we will be working with Brett Turner and Jason Elberts on Kaby Vedala music video.

Jason and Brett already have good experience creating music videos for various bands, but still buzzing with ideas and have hunger for success in this highly competivive area. As a team they combine the skills of strong creative vision, excellent digital proficiency and attention to details.
Watch this space for further updates!
researching the location

Music video collaborative project

We are looking for an imaginative emerging filmmaker to create a music video for MuHa

You will be supported to lead the project from directing, editing through to final production.

Budget £350, logistical support will be provided.

The video is for a Russian folk song titled Kaby Vedala ( If I olny knew)

Find the lyrics and music below. If you can not see the player below, listen to the track here

email your short proposal outlining a possible concept (max 1 side A4), CV, links to previous videos, website to or contact us through our website

Application deadline is October 31st 2010

04 Kaby Vedala by Muha

Kaby Vedala (rus)
( If I only knew from Rus)

If I only knew when my time
Would come to go
And come to you
Oh Lord, my dear dear Lord
I would buy a plot in
the graveyard
Oh Lord, my dear dear Lord
And I would lie myself at rest
and my soul would fly away
to you my Lord, my dear dear God
I know I have been a lot of trouble
for you Lord, Oh my dear dear Lord

Oh, silk of grass
Oh silver dew
Shining bright
Rise and Shine

Oh Lord, take me from
The heaven down to the ground
Oh Lord, my dear Lord
From heaven to dear earth,
Lying on golden sands
It’s Heaven on Earth
Oh Lord, my dear Lord
If I only knew..

(Russian folk song) Adaptation by Kapka Nilan