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Cornwall song

As soon as the summer is here, people start to talk about Cornwall a lot, so I went down there to see what it is so special about it. And indeed, it is a beautiful land by the sea, with the sun and the wind and the cliffs and seagulls that attack you to steal your food. I want to live there. But in a meantime, I brought this song from Cornwall to remember.


since I got my new toy Canon 550 D, I like to play with it by making my quick DIY videos. This on is for Golovyshka song.

Taras album preview

Taras (preview) by Iryna Muha

new video for Richenka

MuHa – Richenka from Darius Powell on Vimeo.

New Album promo

JULY 17th at Nottingham Contemporary ALBUM RELEASE PARTY!!

album update

We are finalising bits and pieces for the album release- mixing and mastering, registering and supplying boring legal staff, artwork and CD replication – all nearly there!
The summer is on the way for us to get lost in fests and celebrations again, now with our debut album Taras.



New Roots Independent Musi platform at the NEw Art Exchange , Nottingham April 24 2010

APSARA- Roots Music from the East Midlands

Experience an evening of experimental audio fusion, featuring world music and dance at the hub of international culture, organised by MuHa and hosted by Nottingham’s New Art Exchange.

APSARA, April 24th


Read more about featured artists, the venue and rest of the details here


Just received Dmitry’s master of TARAS- the song that gave the name to the MuHa’s debut album which is due to release on 4th of July 2010- to coincide with US Independence Day. The song is very powerful- Ukrainian soul is riding the step!

Taras Bulba is a Cossack, a Ukrainian folk icon which was created by a genius Ukrainian writer Nikolai Gogol. His story is about strength, brotherhood, family, pride, the love to the motherland.

your messages

Mike: I missed you at the Riverside Festival but got to see you at City
Roots in Peterborough and was knocked out by what you did on your own
for an audience of maybe ten people. You’re amazing.
Seen you twice now at the Voodoo Lounge and the whole band is superb.
Want a record for myself but want to get one for my brother and sister
who live a long way from here. I know they’d love you too.
All the best and thank you for another great evening.

Thank you Mike, we are very happy you like what we do and hope to see you again soon!