MUHA band (Nottingham, UK) is thrilled to announce the release of their latest single entitled Come Home, raising funds for the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

Come Home is a song about finding your way back to the place where you belong and reflects the plight of millions affected by the Russo-Ukrainian War. The song was recently performed live on the BBC Radio 4 Front Row program, and is set to be released on all major platforms on September 11th 2023.

The song powerfully weaves a contemporary arrangement of folk layers together with the poetic lyrics of Kyiv poet Voloshka.  It showcases MUHA’s unique style and features the ethereal sounds of the hurdy-gurdy, soulful vocals by Iryna Muha, alongside band members Dmitry Fedotov on guitar, Louise Fedotov-Clements on bass, and percussion by Nikki McKenzie.

To buy pre-release and donate to DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal is possible through MUHA Band Camp Page

Previous Releases: Strela, single 2022 / Reka, album 2014/ Kaby Vedala, 2011 (Single, DVD) Taras, album 2010

Radio and Media: Live in session BBC 3 Late Junction, Live BBC Radio 4 Front Row, Radio plays on BBC Radio 3, BBC Lincolnshire, BBC Radio Nottingham, BBC Leicester. Coverage in Songlines, Sunday Times.

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  • Hurdy-gurdy, vocals, music -Iryna Muha,
  • Guitar, music – Dmitry Fedotov
  • Bass- Louise Fedotov-Clements 
  • Percussion – Nikki McKenzie
  • Lyrics- Voloshka
  • Recording- Dmitry Fedotov
  • Production- Andy Oakley

About MUHA

MUHA is a brilliant live act, drawing inspiration from the multicultural tapestry of the UK while offering a fresh approach to Eastern European music. Fronted by the talented Ukrainian vocalist Iryna Muha, the band skilfully blends traditional folk elements with modern influences, resulting in a captivating and unparalleled musical experience.

To schedule an interview or request a review copy of Come Home, please contact Iryna Muha by email:

Band: MUHA (Nottingham, UK) / Single: Come Home/ Release date: 11-09-2023 / Self-released/ Unpublished