Kaby Vedala
If Only I knew ( Rus)
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If only I knew when my time
Would come to go
And come to you
Oh Lord, my dear dear Lord,
I would buy a plot in
the graveyard
I would lie myself at rest
and my soul would fly away
to you my Lord, my dear dear God
I know I have been a lot of trouble
for you Lord, Oh my dear dear Lord
Oh, silk of grass
Oh silver dew
Shining bright
Rise and Shine
Oh Lord, take me from
The heaven down to the ground
Oh Lord, my dear Lord
From heaven to dear earth,
Lying on golden sands
It’s Heaven on Earth
Oh Lord, my dear Lord
If only I knew,
If only I knew.

(Russian folk song) Adaptation by Kapka Nilan

River (Rus)

Mother river is abundant
And her flow is unrestrained
Flowing across the fields
And up the ravines
Aj-luli –luli
Mother River is bountiful
And her flow is fast
Her flying waters are taking everything on the way
To give it to the blue ocean and the sea
Aj-luli –luli
And we are sorrowed
Oh my darling Mother River
With flowing waters coming from heaven
I will follow you like you are my destiny
Your waters know the secret of life
Aj-luli –luli
And your power is wisdom.

Iryna Muha ( 2014)
Adaptation by Kapka Nilan

The River ( Ukrainian)

Grass has grown sweet and long
Barefoot the needle stung
Wind makes love to curly hair
Whispering the universal answer

Dear River flow
Take the joy and sorrow
Away, just like you
River, took my loved one
And bound him in your charms

I came here on purpose
Unbound my blond hair
Dear River, take me as well
Stinking grass will overgrow my path

Grass has grown sweet and long
Barefoot the needle stung
River makes love to curly hair
Whispering the universal answer

Iryna Muha (2005)
Adaptation by James Johnson

Let’s Talk about the Weather

Its raining again
The rain doesn’t want to stop.
But what one can do-
This is the way the English weather is
Greyness for people
Fresh greenneness for trees

The thunderstorm strikes
The sky hurries to free itself from water
But the Sun will come out unexpectedly
Along with the Rainbow-friend

Where is Winter, where is Autumn, where is Summer
You wouldn’t tell without a calendar
But what one can do-
At least there is always something to talk about-
To discuss the weather
Ten times a day

Iryna Muha (2008)