Press Quotes

***MUHA are an intriguing example of the results that arise from meetings of musical minds across porous national borders.*** –Songlines
***Full of personal touches, quality work, unique and a great beautiful sound***. –
***Every track and tune explores the unknown bravely with such musicality and presence… Iryna’s voice commands attention and nostalgia with a sense of rhythm, mixing Punjabi and Ukrainian – a superpower of expression!*** –Skinner Hundal, Chief Executive of the New Art Exchange
***It’s so bonkers yet beautifully brilliant you simply cannot fault them.***–

MUHA has released two studio albums (Taras, 2010 and Reka, 2014) which received national and local airplay (BBC Radio 3, BBC Radio Lincolnshire, BBC Radio Nottingham) and press coverage coverage (Songlines, Sunday Times,  World Music network). Also,  performed live in session on BBC World on 3,  BBC Late Junction (2015) and toured extensively throughout UK including festivals such as Edinburgh Mela (2016), Bestival (2013), Jouneys Festival (2016), Latitude festival ( 2017), Moseley Folk Festival (2019) and have been programmed for Rural Touring (2014).

TECH SPEC Download Muha tech spec Word or PDF We are a four piece band. The band requires at least 11 inputs on the mixing desk. If you don’t have enough inputs, you must let us know so that we can make necessary arrangements.

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