Dmitry Fedotov, is a renowned guitarist and composer with a diverse career in music for over 30 years, that began in Latvia from the early 80’s. Dmitry is the founder, composer and lead guitarist of Pilgrim , which performed extensively across former USSR until Dmitry moved to the UK in 1990. The band recently released a new album, Dawn Chorus, with a new line up. Dmitry has worked extensively in music production and performance alongside teaching music to hundreds of musicians over the last 18 years.
Performance – Pilgrim 1983-1990; Bedlam Choir 1992-1995; session guitarist for Boney M and The Real Thing 1996-1998; Muha 2006 ongoing; Pilgrim, Dawn Chorus 2013 ongoing. Composition and production – Albums: Odysseus (solo), Taras (Muha), Dawn Chorus (Pilgrim), Reka (Muha). South Asian dance performance music commissions: Manushi, Bisakha Sarker, Kali Das and Shane Shambhu.
Dmitry Fedotov is the talent and hard work behind all Muha’s studio recordings.